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Warning : this guide written by self-experiences, trial and error

Written in simple way for quick learning.



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Online shop now is available, can be access in mall/auction option that lies in right-top of your screen, you can find all special item that will be update everyday there. (the item need gpotato for buying)


– If you going to Goradora map, it is very suggested to visit Violet city. Maybe some people didn’t notice it, but at Violet city the potion shop sell some interesting potion that can’t find in other city.

– healing potion with special power
hp recovered 2500 with special power

– mana potion with special power
mp recovered 1500 with special power




–          create new account

–          write name

–          choose one of four classes : Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Priest

–          enter the game




The basic gameplay will be most important to be understand for starting the game. Make yourself familiar with all the option very necessary to make you playing without question.

–         Quickbar (1-10)

It place in the bottom of your screen, you can add battle command, skill and item here. This quickbar is the main option  when you enter the battle with monsters (note : pet cookie and pet provision are cannot be use in battle). Hold right-click and drag it into the available slot to use it.

–          Party (T)

Party is important to finish the quest in short time. Number of monsters will accumulate by the number of party. Maximum party is five person. Press the hotkey to access you into the party information.  Click on another character and ‘invite party’ to send invitation for party. To quick-leave the party, click your character picture and ‘leave the party’ or to appoint another character to be leader, press the snow-like icon (for leader only) to disband or leave the party.

–          Mailbox (Y)

You can see the option on right-bottom of your screen. Any bonus or item that bought/trade will send to the mail. To trade with other character, use ‘send mail’ option. Send item include for money (gold,silver,copper) and item.

(note : pet cannot be trade by mail)

–          Skill menu (I)

You can find the option on right-bottom of your screen. Skill menu divide for basic skill and talent skill. Talent skill build by using skill point that can be obtain after your character reach level 20. To learn skill talent skill, you need to buy book of talent from the specific merchant (different for every class), and talent point. The tree-skill build from up to bottom. Lower talent skill need certain requirement to be learn.

–       Social menu (O)

The option lies on right-bottom of your screen. This option use for add friends of other characters, including private message. Use add option and write the name of other character to add. The other way is by click on other character and ‘add friend’.

–          Pet menu (P)

The option lies on right-bottom of your screen. You can see the data of your pet here. Basic information, additional point to tribute (each time pet gaining level, will obtain one point), and skill for detail when you click your pet picture.

–          Quest list (L)

You can see the detail of your quest here, the requirement and the NPC to talk when you done the quest. Click on the name (requirement) to direct you to map and see the location where the requirement can be obtain. Click on NPC name to redirect you automatically. (cannot auto-direction if the NPC too far)

–          Map (M)

You can find the option on right-top of your screen. Map show your location and coordinate, shop NPC, quest NPC and  teleport point. You can see the whole world map of Canaan online here.

–          Trade (J)

Use this option to trade with other character. Other way is by click on other character and see for ‘item trade’ or ‘pet trade’ option.

–        Bag (B)

The option is lies on right-bottom of your screen, you can check your all of your item here. If your bag full, you can store your important item at warehouse NPC that can be find in town.

–          Character (C)

You can find the option on right-bottom of your screen. You will see the detail of your character status,  equipment, and pet for every post (attack, defence, and possession).

-important note-

use ‘find’ option that lies on right-top of your screen. This is the most important gameplay option you need to use. You can find the right position of any NPC, monsters, available quest, collection area (gathering area for material use to create equipment) and teleport point. Click the coordinate for auto-direction (cannot auto-direction if the target too far).




Pet is the most important company for your journey. You can carry three pet in your active slot (attack position, defence position/passive, and possession position/passive). Pet divide into two basic pet, strength type and intelligent type, but in each type there is monster that has its own  highest attribute in their status. Example for strength type it could be str or con or dex that will have the highest point in pet status.

–        Pet growth rate

Divide into seven different level : garbage, clumsy, regular, smart, genius (1 star, 2 star, and 3 star), supreme (1 star, 2 star, 3 star), and perfect.

Pet growth rate effect the point of attribute that the pet will gain when level up. The stars/point of the growth show how big the chance of pet for gaining better point of attribute.

–          Pet vigor

If you open the pet information bar, you will see chicken-like icon below your pet picture. Pet vigor mainly will increase the pet attack damage.

Divide into five class (you can see it by the changing of icon) : sad, cry, normal, smile, and big smile.

If the pet die, the pet vigor will drop by one rank.

You can increase the pet vigor  by feeding it using pet cookie that can be buy at pet shop.

–       Pet happiness

Pet happiness show by the number of heart that represent in pet information bar.

Happiness of pet effect the willing of pet for participate in battle.

If the pet die the happiness will drop by ten percent.

You can increase the pet happiness by feeding your pet regularly, win the battle, and level up.

–       Pet training

You can boost your pet attribute by distribute point in each  attribute.

There are five : sturdy/str, physique/con, shrewd/int, will/spr, dexterity/dex.

Your pet will gain one point each time it level up.

–          Pet skills

Pet skill divide into two, there are basic skill and talent skill.

Basic skill is basic combat command for pet, the skill will  gain level  by certain level of your pet.

Talent skill is unique skill of pet that can be learn by using pet talent skill book or by gaining certain level. The book can be obtain by quest or by  bonus gift pack. Or luckily get the skill already when you catch the pet.

The slot of talent skill can be open by using pet talent slot key if there is no slot available. The item can be obtain by quest or by bonus gift pack.

Catching the pet

–          First you need to buy trap from pet shop (recommendation for buy the advance trap) and place it to your quickbar slot by right-click and drag-drop it on the available slot. And also buy appraisal book to appraise the soul orb of the monsters you catched.

–          Counter the monster you want to catch (humanoid and boss cannot be catch), weaken the enemy until it only have 5-15 % of remain HP. Use the trap to catch it.

–          Appraise the soul orb that you get by double-click the orb (the  appraisal book will automatically decrease). You will get new pet in your pet slot (make sure to space your pet slot).

–          There are two kinds of soul orb. Normal soul orb and rare soul orb. Rare soul orb has star around the picture, and it has bigger chance to get pet with higher growth rate. You need advance appraisal book to appraise rare soul orb. Can be buy at pet shop.

Note :

There are many kind of trap others than trap that sell at pet shop. Other trap has its own specific monster type to catch (success rate higher if being use for specific target of monsters).

There is a perfect trap with 100 % catching rate that you can get from beginner gift pack, or buy from online shop that now are  available in mall/auction(need gpotato to buy). Different monsters has its own difficulty rate to catch, and weaken the monsters first before throw the trap is very necessary.

Other monsters have different carry level. Higher the carry level means better of status of attribute. If you reach higher level, its recommended to catch pet with accessible carry level by your character level.

Fusion option are not available yet in-game.




Material is very important for creating equipment. Instead buying equipment from shop or auction/mall (the option is lies on right-top of your screen for mall/auction) you can make most powerful equipment by using perfect material that can be compose from rough material using composer. Material also necessary for some part-time quest.

There are 6 different rank of material : rough/white, normal/blue, fine/green, superior/orange, supreme/red, and perfect/purple.

–          Gathering material need specific tool for each different material. The tool can be buy at grocery shop in town.

–          You can find the collection area from  the map. Or use the ‘find’ option to see the coordinate or auto-direct you into specific material-gathering point.

–          The speed of gathering depend on the level of character, the pet status, the tool (higher rank tool need higher level of character to use), and gathering population the gathering point (more people means slower speed).

–          Normally you will get rough material, normal or fine rank of material get by lucky. Gem also sometimes get while gathering.

–          To improve the rank from rough material into higher rank, you need combiner to combine the material that can be buy at grocery shop in town.

–          When you combine the material make sure you always put the success rate at maximum, especially when you using normal combiner to decrease the failure rate.

–          The number of compose normally count as :

Normal : 5  rough material

Fine                    : 5 normal material

Superior           : 5 fine material

Supreme           : 5 superior material

Perfect               : 5 supreme material

–          for making equipment you can see for blacksmith in town, including make equipment, renovate, upgrade, and inlay gem.

note :

The online shop is available now, you can find advance material from there instead of gathering. (need gpotato for buying)

Use renovate to get the wanted additional attribute if you not satisfied with the equipment attribute you have made.


Strengthen the equipment

You will get some gem from monsters that you encounter in your journey, quest, or gift pack.

The gem is useful for adding additional attribute to your equipment.

The rank of gem and the works are similar with material. Each gem give different additional attribute.

Use the combiner to compose the gem into higher rank of gem.

List of gem :

Intelligence Stone increases the intelligence (INT)

Physique Stone increases the physique (CON)

Strength Stone increases the strength (STR)

Mind Stone increases the spirit (SPR)

Agility Stone increases the agility (DEX)

Cloud mica increases the magic attack

Evil spirit spar increases the physical attack

Vigor Stone increases HP and MP

Prayer Gem increases all resistances, decreases the magical induced damage

Guardian Stone increases the defence, the evasion, reduces the physical damage

Gem can be inlay into equipment that have hole, you can make the hole in ‘inlay’ option when you see the blacksmith, and add the gem.

The 5th and 6th hole can only be create by using ‘soul of the artisan’ that can be obtain from quest and gift bag.

Note :

The online shop is available now, you can find advance gem from there. (need gpotato for buying)

Dismantle and strengthen option are not available yet in-game.




Before picking one of character you better notice some of fact in-game, this is very important for you to make up your mind at the end.

– Physical and magic user have different resistance to magic, but fact in-game, even warrior/ranger and mage/priest took almost same damage by magic, but mage and priest took more damage by physical attack.

– Physical and magic basically have different way to build,  but the fact both physical and magic hit build in same attribute, dexterity. Mage and priest that lack of dex often miss when attacking monsters that have higher level. The same thing that also goes for int type of pet.

– There is no magic defense, there is only magic resistance, both magic and physical goes for defense to absorb, count magic resistance for almost useless to build, but other fact, even lower level character who have better defense took bigger damage than higher level character that have worst defense. The key is just level, so you can also count defense as useless to build.

– Healing point for priest not totally depend on spr, but magic effect. Building at int than spr give you better healing effect and damage. Count spr as almost useless attribute. This situation very unfair, since full int have better healing than full spr, and surely better damage. If healing depend on spr then the system will balance, high damage (int) will have less healing (spr) or versa with healing (spr) with less damage (int), but the fact in-game is different.

– The differences of attack skill between each other classes are terrible. You can count Mage as the greatest character with huge attack point of skill, and priest as the lowest.

– The equipment also have important part for character building. But the attribute of equipment for each class is unbalance. Priest equipment is the worst.

– The battle system is hold by active-time turn base. But you will not recognize who will hit first or how many character do attack in a second. There is no differences of speed the active-time goes, each character will do attack in same time. Ranger who should have greatest speed only do one-time attack in same time like other classes. The last, you will never be able control your character in manual battle while in full party, you will keep being attacking by monsters while you still confuse targeting them.

– the least but not the last, character almost covered up by monsters. To become stronger, you just need to catch powerful pet.

But most of all, all classes are great, and every class has its own unique talent skill. If you pick mage or priest, you no need to worry when you raise your character, there always way to make your character better.


Warrior are known as damage dealer in-game, instead of mage. Their physical attack are huge and have big amount HP to stand in wicked battle.

Suggest to distribute point for attribute (count for 8 point to distribute) :

Physical type

4 str, 2 con, 2 dex

Tanker type (recommended)

3 str, 3 con, 2 dex / 3 str, 4 con, 1 dex

Warrior have 3 basic skill for class :

–          Assault             : single target close range physical attack

–          Taunt                 : taunt opposite party

–          Chivalry           : absorb damage taken

Warrior have 2 different type of talent skill :

–          Mars (recommended)

–          Guard

suggest pet :

for defence position                  : str type pet with high con attribute

for possession position            : str type pet with high con attribute


Ranger are very versatile in combat, their critical attack is the best. Always first to hit in battle and good at dodging enemies attack.

Suggest to distribute point for attribute (count for 8 point to distribute) :

Physical type

4 str, 2 con, 2 dex

critical type (recommended)

3 str, 1 con, 4 dex / 2 str, 1 con, 5 dex

Ranger have 3 basic skill for class :

–          Centralized arrow         : single target long-range physical attack

–          Clever                                : raise movement speed

–          Armor piercing fire     : single target long range physical attack, reduce enemy defence

Ranger have 2 different type of talent skill :

–          Freedom

–          Rage (recommended)

suggest pet :

for defence position                  : str type pet with high con attribute

for possession position            : str type pet with high dex attribute


Mage have the biggest damage of all classes, their magic are destructive. But for most of all spell caster, mage are weak against physical attack and poor hp.

Suggest to distribute point for attribute (count for 8 point to distribute) :

damage type (recommended)

6 int, 1 spr, 1 dex / 5 int, 1 spr, 2 dex

full damage type

6 int, 2 dex / 7 int, 1 dex

Mage have 3 basic skill for class :

–          Fireball            : fire type magic damage

–          Icicle                : ice type magic damage and slow the enemy

–          Calmness          : remove enemy positive buff

Mage have 2 different type of talent skill :

–          Ace

–          Fire (recommended)

suggest pet :

for defence position                  : str type pet with high con attribute

for possession position            : int type pet with high int attribute


Priest are the healer, support unit in battle. The priest can go dark or holy. But most of all, priest is the hardest to decide when distributing point for attribute.

Suggest to distribute point for attribute (count for 8 point to distribute) :

Damage & heal type (recommended)

5 int, 1 spr, 2 dex / 6 int, 1 spr, 1 dex

Full dmg & heal type

7 int, 1 dex / 6 int, 2 dex

Priest is a special case, since naturally priest build for healer, but fact in-game that priest has the weakest attack among others. Yet player usually goes alone when doing mission or grinding, then its a must that priest also have good damage. Even priest distribute 4 int as primary, but the magic damage never near to mage, but it’s not a problem, priest can stand for every battle with his healing skill, even its mean took longer to finish battle.

Note : you can put attack type equipment that have good additional int and spr for most of the equipment to increase the magic damage and healing effect.

Priest have 3 basic skill for class :

–          Sacred light      : single target sacred magic damage

–          Devotion           : heal single target

–          Dark shadow    : single target dark magic damage and buff damage

Priest have 2 different type of talent skill :

–          Darkness

–          Holy (recommended)

suggest pet :

for defence position                  : str type pet with high con attribute

for possession position            : int type pet with high spr attribute

Note :

–          both str and int type of pet are good for attack position, but its recommended that you using str type pet for attack, since str type have huge hp, high hit point, and attack damage even when their mp runs out. Int type of pet is not suggested for battling bosses.

–          Always wear best equipment you can get to cover the secondary attribute.

–          Special case for spellcaster, it suggested to using int type of pet that also have good dex attribute for possession position.

Warning : this guide is far from perfect, more experience in-game will make this guide better. misjudged of the system only can be clear by GM statement.






Gaining level for character and gold

Always do any available quest in your current level. Part-time quest is the most source of huge exp and gold to get (3 times a day) and always do your daily quest that can be obtain on quest card in every town (2 times a day).

– You will get 7 hours double exp every week (instead using double exp card). Check the remain available time of double exp at exp manager in every town. Use it wisely when you enter instance area will boost your exp.

– It is suggested but not to be recommended that you can use online training when your character doing nothing/no more quest. You can leave your character on this mode, even when you have to travel or going to work/school.

– To get advance equipment, you need to gather material. It’s always cost a time to get (at least) superior material in number. It is very recommended that you create another character (alternative) to gather material that you need for your main character, while your character doing main quest and travel.



Fast leveling pet

(recommended to using double exp pet card)

level of pet 1-16 : start leveling your pet in north and west area of Karugarner.

– level of pet 16-26 : start enter the Swamp Maze (18-25) instance area to get huge amount of exp. (have a party if your character below level 30)

– level of pet 26-36 : start enter Barbarian Underground (30-37) instance area in Goradora Map. (have a party if your character below level 40)

– level of pet 36-46 : start enter Ian Maze (38-45) instance area in Kazan Map. (have a party if your character below level 50)

– level of pet 46+ : start enter Desert Deep Well (48-55) instance area in Kazan Map. (have a party if your character below level 60)

– repeat to any instance, follow by the pet level.


illustration by METEORBETA

test object in-game : Holyjudgement, priest of the holy


About meteorbeta

Merupakan pekerja full-time freelance Mendirikan METEORBETA.creative design dengan bekerja secara individu dan mandiri. Tanggung jawab dan ketepatan waktu dalam pengerjaan desain adalah prioritas utama. Bidang kerja meliputi konsep kreatif rancang-bangun, desain grafis, desain baju, dan fotografi. Untuk mengetahui lebih banyak dapat melakukan seach di google dengan kata kunci "meteorbeta" available for freelance : include all area of graphic design and photography available for contract : long-term project with fix schedule


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  1. Nice. I’m Indonesian, and will write a guide in Indonesian too.
    Maybe I’ll take some of your guide for my reference.

    Posted by Valentinus RK | Maret 11, 2010, 10:26 am
  2. hei…how to use beginner pass card

    Posted by yoman~ | Maret 24, 2010, 9:17 am
  3. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂

    low cost franchise opportunities

    Posted by Chad Ohlemacher | April 4, 2010, 4:14 pm
  4. Hello, I find your guide very interesting. Thank you for posting it. But Could you explain to me what INSTANCE mean? I really want to know.thanks.

    Posted by LoneRanger | April 22, 2010, 3:41 pm
    • Instance is a special place lies in every map, inside instance you will get extra exp and item depend on the open prize (need key to open it,you can buy it from NPC outside the gate to instance) and in the end of the instance you will face boss. You will notice it as ‘swamp maze’ in Karugarner map, or ‘barbarian underground’ in goradora map.

      Posted by meteorbeta | April 22, 2010, 11:55 pm
  5. Thanks for answering my first question. Instance helped me a lot. I have another if u dont mind. What other ways can u suggest to earn GOLD fast besides questing?

    Ive read also somewhere that killing boss earns gold fast? Is that true base from ur experience?


    Posted by LoneRanger | April 27, 2010, 3:26 pm
    • nope, I doubt that. fastest way to get gold is selling something rare. the easiest is selling pet, catch pet around supreme level to sell give you quick gold. I think supreme android still have the highest prize ^_^

      Posted by meteorbeta | April 28, 2010, 12:48 am
  6. after u reach level 25 where should i go?

    Posted by crystalmaiden | Mei 11, 2010, 9:49 am
    • you can go to goradora map, lies north-east in karugarner map (see map) or you can still stay in goradora and do some other quest, use ‘search’ for available quest.

      Posted by meteorbeta | Mei 12, 2010, 12:06 am
      • hmm… what kind of pet that good for mage, is it android or cerberus? or what?
        thnks 🙂

        Posted by DeathPen | September 17, 2010, 1:11 pm
      • hmm…..I already forgot with this one, I already not play the game anymore 🙂
        as far as I remember there 3 type position for pet, you can use andriod for attack pet, cerberus is INT type pet so its good for….I dont know the position name but the one that add your attribute character.
        Other that have good INT is monster that look like ghost and faggot, they have higher INT than cerberus 🙂

        Posted by meteorbeta | Oktober 29, 2010, 11:37 pm
  7. this is the best player guide i’ve ever read. im new canaan addict, and this guide help me alot, thx pal.

    Posted by joy | Juli 21, 2010, 11:55 am
  8. yahhh 😦 … klo dah pensi boleh gak minta warisannya *kalo masih ada >_< v

    Posted by Joy | Agustus 16, 2010, 1:15 am
  9. I cant find black shaman
    where is it?
    im already on its coordinate, but its unseen
    is it need a requeirment for it?

    Posted by Neo | Oktober 29, 2010, 8:25 pm
  10. well i have a question
    what are lvl should ur pet be when you are a certain lvl
    i am lvl 15 and my pets lvl 7

    Posted by pOO POO face | November 21, 2010, 3:56 am
    • well,its better to get your pet lvl as close as your character,and if im not mistaken I think its possible to carry pet that have higher lvl than your character if you bought/get it from someone else. And some monsters have minimal lvl to be carry, like android and dragon for lvl 20 and 30

      Posted by meteorbeta | November 21, 2010, 11:45 pm
  11. hi i have been stuck on kurugarmer city part time job nomber8
    where do you get the material thanks..

    Posted by cattieee | Februari 11, 2011, 4:08 pm
  12. to cattieee, I think you will found the material at the collection place, when you go there, there is alot of sign with words on it, find the sign that is saying I don’t remember much what it’s saying but there is a word Cloth in it, not Magic Cloth don’t mistake the two of them. And then what you have to do is going in and start collection the material. Sorry for my bad English, I hope it helps

    Posted by milusa | Maret 12, 2011, 8:21 am
  13. Thx for this guide.
    My question is, why are there defence and possession pet but no attack pet?
    Attack pet put what then? Canaan Pig?

    Posted by Jo | Maret 14, 2011, 12:46 pm
  14. i rlly rlly need help with distributing talent points! plz tell me how?

    Posted by Anon | April 14, 2011, 4:22 pm
  15. hey, I’ve been wandering how u lvl up the talent skills, Ive already bought the talent book and i have 8 talent points, but no matter how many times i click on the skill i don’t learn it bit of help plz?

    Posted by Deadmist | Mei 23, 2011, 6:46 pm
  16. how do i get the fruit of world tree for the guild depot as i got 2 not sys gifts but still wont let me donate >_<

    Posted by Andemdra | Agustus 5, 2011, 4:09 pm
    • thats probably because you have the fruit of the world tree…… the one you need for the guild is the seed of the world tree or something, and i have no idea how to get, at least you know what your looking for now 😛

      Posted by DJPizza | Maret 16, 2012, 11:12 am
  17. how to get money there ? very very very difficult to get money -__-a

    Posted by Mai-san. | Juli 10, 2013, 2:07 am

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